Managed Services

A managed service contract allows you to focus on running your business, while we run your IT infrastructure. Our IT Department will perform regular maintenance checkups, using diagnostic software and support tools that detect potential problems before they adversely affect your systems.

Service contracts are billed on a flat monthly fee for labor, and hardware costs are clearly communicated before we make any purchases. Initially, the monthly fee may seem high, but all of our customers on service contracts have experienced better system stability and reliability, shorter downtimes, and lower total cost compared to per-incident pricing. When you are under a managed services contract, we truly are your IT department, and we want to keep your systems running smoothly as much as if we were your employees.

With a managed services contract, Our IT Department provides all the benefits of a full-time IT staff with significant savings.  We serve businesses in  Mississippi including Greenville, Jackson, Cleveland, Oxford, Tupelo & Greenwood.  We are committed to keeping your company up to date, secure, and running at peak performance.  Contact us today to learn how a managed services contract can save you money without sacrificing service or reliability!



Network Consulting

When your computer systems aren’t working efficiently, it can cost your business time, productivity, and money. How can you find the best, most cost-effective solution? Our IT Department provides a full analysis of your current system and the options available to fix any issues. We communicate all costs clearly, and let you make the decision that’s right for your business. And we don’t stop there. After our solutions are in place, we maintain your network with regular diagnostics and keep you informed of any potential problems.

Security Compliance

As technology has become vital to business, the security of customers’ information has become paramount. There are laws and other regulations that must be met. Our IT Department will ensure your company’s compliance by evaluating your network security and filling any gaps that might leave you or your customers open to a breach of sensitive data. As new legislation, new tools, or new threats are known, Our IT Department will provide the necessary upgrades and improvements to keep your business compliant and secure for the duration of your contract.


Our IT Department provides consulting and security compliance services for businesses in Mississippi including Jackson, Greenville, Greenwood, Cleveland, Tupelo & Oxford. We are committed to keeping your company up to date, secure, and running at peak performance.  Contact us today to learn what we can offer your business.



Whether you have just a few workstations in a small office, onsite or offsite servers, or multiple locations that need to share information, Our IT Department can create a networking solution for you. If you need your network built from the ground up, we will create a stable, reliable, cost-effective system that will grow with your business. If you already have a network in place, we will evaluate your current system and make sure the migration to our services is as quick and easy as possible.

Companies with multiple locations often need to share information and access across all their branches. Our IT Department can make this happen! We will combine the internal networks of all your offices into a single network, so every location has access to the information and applications they need and sensitive information is kept safe. This allows your business to use cloud based programs like billing servers, databases, and more, creating standardization throughout your company.

Systems Integration

Many growing businesses are held back by old networks or outdated systems, because it seems easier to work within those constraints than to go through the hassle of putting in something new. But for the best performance and highest return, you need up-to-date systems. That’s why Our IT Department provides total system integration, physically and virtually. Any new component that is installed will be seamlessly connected to the rest of your network – phones, workstations, point-of-sale hardware, servers, security software, etc. You have a full-service IT department, devoted to keeping your company at peak performance.


Let Our IT Department take care of your networking and integration needs.  We offer a full range of IT services, managed services, IT consulting, and network management services in Jackson, Mississippi. We are committed to keeping your company up to date, secure, and running at peak performance.  Contact us today for a  network design, evaluation, or update.

back up and recovery

Disaster Recovery & Back-up

Think of Disaster Recovery like insurance for your network infrastructure. Like insurance, it isn’t something that you like to pay for. But when you need it, it’s worth every penny.

Ask yourself: How much would it cost for your business to be shut down for a day? Two days? A week? We all know how dependent we’ve become on our IT systems, yet many businesses can’t confidently tell you where their data is located or what they would do in the event of a catastrophic failure. Our IT Department will work with you to develop a Disaster Recovery plan that will keep your business running no matter what viruses, hardware failures, or Mother Nature throws at it. Not only do we develop the plan, we are there with you every step of the way. Remember that Our IT Department is your IT department!

Cloud Computing

Store your information in the Cloud! New developments in computing technology have increased the quality of service and reliability of cloud-based storage. It frees up space on your hard-drive and creates easier access to your data with any device. Cloud computing is the gateway to flexible information access!


Keep your business running and your data safe with Our IT Department’s cloud based Disaster Recovery services. For any company in Leland, MS or the surrounding area, we offer the most reliability at a great price.  Contact us today to learn how we can safeguard your business against disaster!