If you’ve been using legacy physical backup and first- generation virtual machine backup tools for some time, you may already be aware of the challenges that slow backups and failed recoveries add to your daily workload. “Our IT Department” backup, replication and recovery software eliminates these challenges with high-speed backups while ensuring that backups are recovered quickly and reliably. Count on “Our IT Department” backup to protect applications and data
seamlessly across the virtual and physical server machines in your data center, remote locations and in the cloud.

1.    Back up more quickly
“Our IT Department” backup is built around high-speed, disk image-based backup technology that offers four advantages.

•    Snapshots are completed in seconds under the control of easily deployed, ultra- lightweight agents.

•    Back up frequently, as often as every
five minutes without affecting user access to applications.
•    Applications never slow down because
backups are performed on a separate Backup core.
•    Only one backup pass is needed, unlike
products that need two backups
to achieve granular and system-level recoveries.

2.    Eliminate hours-long recoveries  “Our IT Department” Recovery/Installation offers near-zero, Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs). It instantly runs or resumes your VMware
vSphere ESX(i), Hyper-V and XenServer, VMs or physical servers directly from the backup file without waiting for a complete, system restore, even if terabytes of data
are involved.

3.    Recover in any way you choose Recover individual files, data objects or email items without having to recover the server first. Recover a complete system within your data center in minutes, even if you move to dissimilar hardware. If disaster strikes your data center or server room, a mouse click is all that’s needed to turn on a pre-provisioned warm standby machine at a DR facility or in the cloud.

4.    Achieve a near-zero recovery point objective (RPO) Legacy products usually take so long to complete a single backup that you’re effectively limited to a 24-hour RPO. This puts you at risk to lose several hours of data between your last backup and data loss. That won’t happen with “Our IT Department” backup, which offers local recovery time granularity in  as little as thirty (30) minutes.

5.    Be certain they’ll be able to recover With “Our IT Department” Backup Recovery technology, you can be certain that your backups will be recoverable. Compare this to hours-long and error- prone manual recoverability drills that you cannot do as often as you should. “Our IT Department” technology automates the process by testing every single backup file for data corruption (even if you’re backing up a business-critical server up to 288 times a day). This way you know for certain that your Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint and SQL application backups can be recovered successfully whenever you need them.

6.    Reduce storage requirements substantially “Our IT Department” backup integrates powerful inline block- level deduplication and file compression that works across a network of many machines. It’s easier to use because it’s integrated, more efficient than deduplicating data on a machine-by- machine basis. And it’s safe because it uses government-grade AES 256-bit encryption.

7.    Recover from anywhere to anywhere “Our IT Departments” backup provides recovery technology that performs cross- platform recoveries from P2V, V2V, V2P, and even P2P for bare metal restores to dissimilar hardware. Recover whole VMs and servers or restore just an individual application item or a single file in minutes without carrying out a system-level recovery.

8.    Make it easier to use
Customers appreciate “Our IT Department” backup for its intuitive Web- based interface that makes this backup solution so easy to use. It allows you to get up and running quickly while reducing you’re learning curve.

9.    Get more value
“Our IT Department” backup replaces the multiple, unrelated, single-point solutions businesses have accumulated over time. It unifies backup, replication and recovery in one easily navigated package and it runs across all of your physical and virtual machines. Key functions like deduplication, compression, encryption, bare metal restore and enterprise scalability are all built in, not tacked on as extra-cost options. It’s more protection for your money.

10.    Live support – 24 x 7
“Our IT Department” is committed to
delivering outstanding client support. Server outages and system failures don’t conveniently occur, which is why “Our IT Department” delivers live support 24 × 7 x 365.